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    Scientific name : Sus scrofa

    Family : Suides

    Weight : to 150 Kg for the male; 100 Kg for the wild sow - Size : 90cm at the withers.

    The boar is an omnivorous mammal, forest, near the pig. The species belongs to the family Suidae. The female is called the "sow" small are "boars", young are sometimes called "beast redheads" and adult males "loners." This species is able to develop strategies to adapt to hunting pressure, which sometimes gives it a invasiveness.
    Regularly, boar wallows in the mud in places called "soiled" and rubs insistently against the trunks of nearby trees to get rid of a number of parasites, regulate body temperature and mark his territory. He sleeps in small depressions in the ground, dry, well hidden, called "bauges".
    The social structure of boar is matriarchal, boars companies consist of one or more sows followed their offspring. Ragots (boars 2 to 4 years) bring up the rear when traveling, but are replaced by older males in rut. From 4 to 5 years the males leave the group to become solitary. The Shrovetide parade are often noisy, not only by the heavy footsteps, but also by the grunts, screams, and other soufflements sniffles. However, boars know how to be discreet and silent if they feel threatened.
    The boar is particularly fond of wooded areas with water points. The activity of the wild boar is mostly nocturnal.

    Footprints wild boar :

    Footprints wild boar