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    Turballe Fishing port

    The Turballe is part of the country of Guérande, one of the traditional countries of Brittany, it is historically located in Brittany.
    The Turballe has built its reputation on fishing. Formerly the leading French port on the Atlantic coast for anchovy, it remains the leading port in terms of the number of vessels suitable for deep sea fishing. While sardines and anchovies continue to be among its benchmark species, the port has been able to diversify into other species such as hake, tuna and cuttlefish. The Turballais fleet is made up of around twenty traditional trawlers who practice coastal fishing, around twenty pelagic trawlers for deep sea fishing and around ten liners and gillnets. Conventional trawls (8 to 14 m boats) leave at dawn and return to port in the afternoon. They fish for white fish (hake, sole, etc.). The pelagic trawl (17 to 24 m) is used for blue fish (sardines, anchovies, tuna ...). The net is towed by two boats abreast, it is "ox fishing".