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    Gulf of Morbihan

    The Gulf of Morbihan is an inland sea with a length-west 20 kilometers dotted with many islands and islets. It is a popular destination for its beautiful landscapes covering a hundred square kilometers, located in Brittany, in the Morbihan department to which it gave his name. His Breton name, Mor Bihan, meaning "little sea".
    The Morbilhan was invaded by the waters of the Atlantic there are several millennia, while the rivers had already dug their bed. This is why the ocean is venturing so far at the heart of land to Vannes and Auray, by rias character typically breton , he encircles the ancient hills in a real archipelago : island Moines, Ile d'Arz, countless islands and islets, rocky or wooded sometimes carrying a fishing hamlet or simply clouds of birds..
    The Gulf is 20 km long from east to west and 15 km wide from north to south. It opens on the bay of Quiberon, western part of Mor Braz (the great sea, the ocean) by a narrow passage, the channel of Port-navalo, 1000m wide approximately between Locmariaquer and Port Navalo.
    The landscapes are changing due to the tidal range discovering an extensive and varied foreshore, they are characterized by the presence of numerous mudflats, creeks, peaks, rocks, islands and islets.