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    Salt marshes of Guerande

    The peninsula of Guerande is a country that stretches from Assérac Pornichet. The salt marshes of Guerande cover an area of 2,000 ha, about 250 live marsh harvest salt, this crop is about 12,000 tons of salt annually.

    Classified since 1996, the salt marshes are an outstanding World Heritage site.
    In these swamps the tradition continues and balance with nature is real. The job of paludier kept purely manual technique, not using mechanization, and using old methods. These tehnique craft production have contributed to the fame of "Salt of Guerande" and protection of the natural environment. The salt of Guerande obtained the Label Rouge in 1997, and this for the quality of their salt.
    The salt marshes of Guerande is a place of exceptional living. The shallow water aquatic environments makes it possible for light to penetrate and promotes the development of plankton at the base of all aquatic food chains. This rich food, and the mild climate, is the site of Guerande a haven for wintering and breeding birds (Bluethroat, spoonbills, godwits, terns, marsh harriers, stilts, avocets elegant, sandpipers, geese goose,...) More than 280 bird species have been observed, which contributed to the classification of the area.