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    Alpine Flora

    In the mountains, the vegetation changes gradually according to the altitude, the exposure to the sun, and the geographical situation of the mountainous massif. There are five "stages" or successive ecosystems, each with a characteristic landscape and vegetation :

    • first floor of the valleys and prealpine hills, known as the collinean floor, whose upper limit is 800 m above sea level ;
    • floor of the small mountain, said mountain floor, whose boundaries range from 800 m to 1400-1 700 m altitude ;
    • middle mountain and alpine meadow, the so-called subalpine floor, whose boundaries range from 1 400-1 700 m to 1 800-2 400 m altitude ;
    • upper-mountain floor, known as the alpine floor, whose boundaries range from 1 800-2 400 m at an altitude of 3 000 m, on the edge of eternal snow ;
    • eternal snow floor, said nival floor, from the first everlasting snow, above 3 000 m altitude.

    Source Wikipedia

    Flora encountered during my walks in the national Park of the Vanoise and national Park of the Ecrins.