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    European Robin

    Scientific name : Erithacus rubecula

    Family : Turdides

    Leng. 12 to 14cm, Wing. 20 to 22 cm

    habitat : wood grove

    presence : all year

    nesting : April to August

    The European Robin is a shy bird, nature can not shy to approach it easily and freely consent to appear. This has allowed me to come to him the 105 Micro-Nikkor under the spout ... is an understatement. This little sparrow is however of a very irascible. It defends its territory with strong determination against the intrusion of other birds, and whatever the season.
    Nesting occurs from April to August, the female lays 4 to 6 eggs speckled with yellowish brown. The nest built by the female is located on the ground under roots or tufts of grass, the female bears only the brooding, but the male assistance in feeding the young.
    Its melodious song expresses its vitality and includes a wide variety of stanzas. A real treat ...