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    Barn Swallow

    Scientific name : Hirundo rustica

    Family : Hirundinidae

    Leng. 17 to 19 cm, Wing. 32 to 34 cm

    The Swallow Barn is a small species of songbirds, migratory, living in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It's a bird to blue-black top with metallic highlights that contrast with its brick red throat. It has an elegant silhouette and tapered with a forked tail very indented the strands called nets are very apparent and longer in males.
    The swallow is a commensal of man. The presence of hunting areas is paramount in couples installation. These areas are all pastures, meadows, groves, marshes, ponds, rivers, parks and gardens that are conducive to the presence of insects. The swallow hunting and drinks from flying, so it may be necessary to have open areas for hunting and water points. The presence of mud is necessary at the time of nest building.
    They nest in a nest made of mud and saliva to glue the pieces of land, hanging from a roof beam; as well outside and inside, in town or in the countryside, often in open barns, and sometimes in open houses. It feeds mainly on insects caught in flight.
    The song of the Barn Swallow is a chirping guttural but nonetheless melodious, that often ends with creaking. The cries include witt or often repeated tsvitt and noisy splee-plink when excited. The alarm call is constituted with a sharp siflitt for predators such as cats, and a repeat tsivitt quickly chained for birds of prey.
    This is an outstanding acrobat flying speed of a swallow is 60 km / h and a frequency of 5 wing beats per second, up to 7-9 beats per second, but its forked tail confers the agility to feed on insects in flight, swallows know veer with the quickness of lightning, up, down, skim the ground. It collects his food making circles or flying close to the ground. Its graceful flight is punctuated by twirling. In hunting, it can reach 100 km/h.