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    Transhumance at Esperou

    Transhumance, bells and bobbles, such is the theme of this festival which takes place every year, about to 15 June at Esperou, near the Mont Aigoual, and met several herds. Some villages of Cevennes still retain sheep transhumance, continuing a millennium tradition. The rise in cattle transhumance, for the months of summer to the pastures of Mount Aigoual and Mont Lozère.

    This festival is organized by the Union of sheep farmers in the Gard, the Chamber of Agriculture of the Gard and with the participation of many partners.
    There are the happy side of this festive event, and the sheep always dolled up.

    Espérou in the Aigoual massif is one of the last places in the Cévennes, where summer transhumance is still practiced in a traditional way. This traditional transhumance allows the maintenance of the drailles and open landscapes. The drailles are these ancestral paths that the sheep and their shepherds take to reach the summer pastures. The shepherds and their sheep will stay on these summer pastures for about three months, and will come down to the plain in mid-September.