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    The Causse Mejean

    A landscape of steppe...

    Located in the department of Lozere, the Causse Mejean is bordered by the valley of the Jonte south east Tarnon and Tarn to the north and west. It is centrally located between the Causse of Sauveterre north and south plateau Black. This is the highest plateau of Causse with an altitude ranging from 800 meters to 1.247 meters on Mount Gargo, the highest point of Mejean.
    The Causse Mejean is twofold: to the east of vast steppes, giving the impression space, like a dry desert grass and rock, this is where we find the last wild horses in the world "the Przewalski."
    Caussenardes meadows are the realm of sheep, milk used to produce the famous Roquefort cheese. This is the high plateau, standing out from the lower plateau covered with dense pine forest extending to the west of the plateau.
    Here and there, villages and isolated farms, like the beautiful farm "Caussenarde of Hyelzas" dating from the eighteenth century.

    The farm "Caussenarde d'Autrefois", with its typical architecture of the 18th and 19th, with the arches and limestone slate roofs, is a museum of farmer's daily life until the 1950's on Causse Méjean. As you walk through the main living area and the communal bedroom you'll see furniture, household linen and every day items. Move on to the stable, the sheepfold, the barn and the bread oven, remarking tools of a gone era. This farm is uninhabited since 1946.