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    The Terns

    Family : Laridae

    Terns are birds belonging to the family Laridae and distributed in several genera: Gelochelidon, Hydroprogne, Thalasseus, Sterna, Sternula and Onychoprion. Terns are also commonly known as sea swallows.
    There are a large number of tern :

    • Little Tern
    • Caspian Tern
    • Gull-billed Tern
    • Royal Tern
    • Greater Crested Tern
    • Elegant Tern
    • Yellow-billed Tern
    • Common Tern
    • Arctic Tern
    • Hansel's tern
    • etc.....

    The photos above relates to exclusively to:

    • Little Tern - Sternula albifrons: It is a small tern recognizable by its yellow beak with black tip, white forehead and yellow legs.
    • Common Tern - Sterna hirundo: its quick and graceful flight evokes that of the swallow. This characteristic earned him the usual name of "sea swallow". It is a palmiped bird, of the order of Charadriiformes and of the family of Laridaes, whose plumage is white and gray, the cap entirely black to the eyes and the orange-red beak with black tip.
    • Hansel's tern - Gelochelidon nilotica: unlike other terns, hansel's tern forages in the ground, placed on a perch. It has an agile and graceful flight which allows it to catch its prey in flight and on the surface of the water. This tern is a migratory.