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    Red Crested-pochard

    Scientific name : Netta rufina

    Family : Anatides

    Leng. 53 to 57 cm, Wing. 84 to 88 cm

    This diving duck is remarkable for its high-contrast colors. The male and female are quite dissimilar. The male has a red head with bright yellow underside. The neck, chest and belly are black, white flanks and back dark brown. A white bar on the shoulder. The bill is bright red, orange-red legs. The female is more discreet: above the head brown, greyish white cheeks, brown back, lighter underneath.
    It feeds on the surface or by diving to a depth estimated at between two and four meters. The immersion, rather short, not exceeding 15 seconds. In shallow water, it immerses the head and neck by tilting the body allowing it to pull the bottom algae she loves. It prefers water bodies surrounded by reed beds and ponds filled with good vegetation.
    The female reaches sexual maturity around the age of one and a pond once a year from August to October egg cream in a nest built on the ground, but always near water. Incubation lasts from 26 to 28 days. Only the female incubates the eggs and leads her ducklings to the water two months. The ducklings are precocial, they take off after a period of 40 to 50 days after birth.
    In France, the Red-crested Pochard breeds primarily in the Camargue. It is migratory and winters in the Mediterranean region around the Black Sea. There are many wintering in the Camargue.