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    The Race Camarguaise

    The Camargue bullfighting is a sport practiced in southern France, where raseteurs tries to catch the attributes set between the horns of the bull. This game is very popular sport in the Gard, Herault, Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse. Each herd (breeding bulls Camargue), its own flag-waving. These bulls are nervous and quick and there is sometimes spectacular shots barriers. Some of these bulls jingoistic became famous, and even have their statutes.
    Camargue racing season, the trophy has aces which takes place in October or in Nimes or Arles.

    The French Federation of the Camargue race was created in 1975 as associations Law 1901. The Camargue race is recognized as a sport by the State Secretariat for Youth and sports. The "race to the cockade" definitively becomes the "Camargue Race".

    Tools of gardian and raseteur

    gardian tool raseteur tool raseteur tool