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    Other Ducks of Camargue

    Family : Anatides

    Ducks are an aquatic birds, webbed feet (waterfowl) and the characteristic beak, domesticated or not. They are for the most part of the family Anatidae. Indeed, some qualified duck species are designated by common names containing terms like whistling ducks, teal, shelduck or brassemers. The most famous duck the general public is the Mallard which are from many domestic ducks.
    One distinguishes three types of ducks :

    • dabbling ducks,
    • diving ducks,
    • fish-eating duck.

    The Camargue is home to many species of duck, some species live here, others are in the Camargue that during their migration period. Among the duck species that may be encountered include:

    • the Mallard
    • the Eurasian Wigeon
    • the Northern Shoveler
    • the Common Pochard
    • the Eurasian Teal
    • the Red-crested Pochard
    • the Common Shelduck

    The Camargue is the wintering area the largest in France for the ducks, who are there in mid-August. The Camargue wetlands are located on the main migration route north / south. The ducks find a site, of welcome or of irreplaceable transit their allowing of avoided the rigors of the North of Europe where they reproduce during the summer months.
    Sexual dimorphism is very pronounced in ducks. In the breeding season, males have plumages in the lively colors.