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    Other Birds of Camargue

    The Camargue has many species of birds. The best known and easiest to observe is undoubtedly the Flamingos, a symbol of the Camargue.

    Other species that may be encountered include :

    • the Mallard
    • the Common Shelduck
    • the Common Pochard
    • the Grey Heron
    • the Little Egret
    • the Western Cattle Egret
    • the Black-crowned Night Heron
    • the Black-winged Stilt
    • the Pied Avocet
    • the Red-crested Pochard
    • the Water Rail
    • the Common Snipe
    • the Eurasian Coot
    • the Western Marsh Harrier
    • and many more ...

    The Camargue is a popular site for water birds nesting, and a sanctuary for migratory birds.