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    Mute Swan

    Scientific name : Cygnus Olor

    Family : Anatidae

    Leng. 125 to 170 cm, Wing. 210 to 240 cm

    The Swan and Mute Swan is a species of bird of the family Anatidae. Its plumage is pure white, and red bill, its name comes from the bump on his nose, called the tuber. This is one of the heaviest birds capable of flight, he needs to run a distance of 8 to 10 meters in order to take off. It can fly at a speed of 80 km/h and does not exceed a height of 150 m.
    It is found on all water bodies in Europe. Juveniles may travel in groups but couples are monogames.
    Habitat: in the wild state, the mute swan needs a rather vast territory (1,5 in 4 hectares), which can include a small lake or a whole pond.
    Board: The mute swan feeds mainly on plant materials. It grazes in the grassy zones and the wet meadows. It does not disdain mollusks or aquatic insects, captured by means of his beak capable of filtering the mud through small strips.
    The female lays 4 to 8 eggs at a rate of one egg per two days. The brooding, which lasts from 34 to 41 days, is provided mainly by the female. Chicks are precocial and remain in the nest within 48 hours. Le Swan can become aggressive, especially during the nesting period.