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    Alpine Marmot

    Scientific name : Marmota marmota

    Family : Sciuridae

    Weight 4 to 8kg

    The Marmot is a rodent herbivore exclusively, of the family Sciuridae which a species lives in the Alps between 1,500 and 3,000 meters. This little animal has become the emblematic animal of the Alps. She whistles to warn of danger, its main predator is the Eagle and the Fox.
    The Marmot, very sociable, living in small settlements of family origin. A family group consists of 5-12 individuals: a breeding pair with his descendants for two or three years. There is one family per burrow. Groundhog digs long tunnels highly branched vat in which it hibernate, they sleep all winter in the burrow lined with hay, which it closes off the entrance in September-October, she will stay until spring. In spring when the atmosphere warms itself, it goes out of its burrow. During summer, she is going to feed abundantly to constitute a reserve of fat which is going to allow her to spend the winter.

    These pictures were taken in Vanoise National Park, and Ecrins National Park in the French Alps.

    Footprint Marmot :

    Footprint Marmot