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    Little Egret

    Scientific name : Egretta garzetta

    Family : Ardeidae

    Leng. 55 to 65 cm, Wing. 88 to 106 cm

    The little Egret is the most common egrets. It is distinguished by its white plumage, black beak very long, black legs with yellow fingers. This Egret is smaller than the Great Egret has two very long and thin white ornamental feathers behind the cap, extending from the nape of the neck in half, and play an important role during courtship.
    It nests in colonies with other species of herons. The Little Egret is fond of reedbeds, wet shrublands or trees near water. The little egret feeds hunting in areas of shallow water, small fish, frogs, worms, crustaceans, molluscs, and other insects.
    The egret is a powerful flight, it flies with slow wing beats, neck retracted into the shoulders. The egret is a partial migratory, some wintering colonies in Africa or the South of France, Camargue particles, or they just see all year. The little egret is rather quiet outside the colony, but you can hear a "kgarrk" hoarse or a long "aaahk" when it flies away.