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    Grey Heron

    Scientific name : Ardea cinerea

    Family : Ardeidae

    Leng. 84 to 102 cm, Wing. 155 to 175 cm

    The Grey Heron is the best known of our herons, it often nests in colonies in trees near water. (heronry), the nest consists of twigs in a tree. It is a formidable hunter lying in wait, which remains stationary at the water's edge and catch anything that comes close at its beak (small rodents, frogs, fish ... and above). He deploys his neck and suddenly gives a mighty beak on its prey. In the Camargue, it is found near ponds and swamps, he likes shallow water bodies. This bird is recognizable in its yellow beak (yellow-orange in breeding season), and ash-gray plumage (hence its name) and his white head and black striped neck greyish white and black. It flies neck folded slow beating of wings.