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    The Grebes

    Family : Podicipedides

    The Grebe is a species of aquatic bird of the family Podicipédidae. There are several varieties of Grebes including :

    • Horned Grebe,
    • Black-necked Grebe,
    • Little Grebe,
    • Great Crested Grebe,

    These are birds that live in aquatic habitat. He does not walk, spends his life on water, and very rarely goes on land. It also flies very little and only by obligation to flee an enemy or in migration. It is a diving bird that can also swim underwater. The grebe finds its food in water, where it can dive several meters deep to catch fish, molluscs, frogs and some plants.
    In spring this bird changes its physiognomy, to display its nuptial plumage. Depending on the species, they will have black feather egrets, colored feathers on the cheeks, around the eyes with other feather trims to seduce the female.