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    The Ibis

    African Sacred Ibis

    Scientific name : Threskiornis aethiopicus

    Family : Threskiornithides

    Leng. 65 to 75 cm, Wing. 112 to 124 cm

    The sacred ibis is a medium-sized bird with a robust appearance. The plumage of the body is white while the head and the neck are black and bare. The tips of the wings and the lower back are also black. The very characteristic beak is thick and curved.
    This species feeds on molluscs, frogs, lizards and fish as well as eggs and chicks.
    It has been introduced involuntarily in France since the early 1990s from the park of Branféré. Another population is beginning to develop around the Mediterranean (Camargue).
    Several cases of predation by Sacred Ibis have been observed on colonies of other species. Managers of protected areas (SEPNB, LPO, PNR, ONCFS ...) agree today to "consider that the expansion of this introduced species poses a problem of conservation of the natural heritage", and that an intervention is necessary.

    Glossy Ibis

    Scientific name : Plegadis falcinellus

    Family : Threskiornithides

    Leng. 66 cm, Wing. 80 to 95 cm

    The Glossy Ibis is a bird species of the family Threskiornithidae. At first glance it looks black, but it has feathers of a rusty color with metallic green hues. The head and neck are paler. He does not wear feathers around his eyes, and he has a pale blue line that decorates the contours of his face. In internuptial plumage, the species has fine white streaks on the head and neck. There is no sexual dimorphism in this species.
    The Glossy Ibis enjoys full protection on French territory since the Ministerial Decree of 17 April 1981 on protected birds throughout the territory. It is listed in Annex I of the EU Birds Directive.