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    Flora of Camargue

    The Flora of camargue is much more varied than it seems premium on board. More than 1000 plant species are identified. Regarding the trees, there are essentially supporting Tamaris salains environments. The ubiquity of the salt, and the mosaic of uplands and wetlands more or less permanent give the Camargue's unique landscape.
    Wetlands of the Camargue are famous for salt-tolerant species (salt loving species) as the Salicorne, soda, or Saladelles (sea lavender), and form the sansouire, this vegetation dominated by salt, turn from green in spring to gray in summer and red in winter. There is also the Iris yellow marsh thistle blue, margueritte the zinérium wild, and many more ... Rushes, reeds, bulrushes and other bodies of water surround the stretching or shrinking the seasons.