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    Fauna of Camargue

    The Camargue offers many species a territory where they can move freely in many protected areas. The horse, the bull and the flamingo are the most emblematic.
    Other species of mammals live in the Camargue, but they have a nocturnal lifestyle, such as wild boar, fox, coypu or, rarer, beaver.
    Small mammals such as the red squirrel can also be observed.

    Birds are undoubtedly the easiest animals to observe in the Camargue. This region is undoubtedly the paradise of birds, they have ensured the international reputation of the Camarque by their variety, this region has more than 350 species of sedentary or migratory birds. This is a wintering place for many species (mallards, teals, bass, etc.), it is an area of international importance for migration.

    Because of their importance, the Birds of Camargue are the subject of a special page: Birds of Camargue