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    The Coypu

    Scientific name : Myocastor coypus

    Family : Myocastoridae

    Weight : 5-9 kg - on average 6 kg - Size : body 40 to 60 cm and tail 25 to 45 cm.

    The Coypu also called the "Beaver Marsh" is a mammal native to South America.
    It was introduced in Europe for breeding fur farming. Following the escape of livestock, or voluntary release, it has invaded many parts of France, in particular the Marais Poitevin and the Camargue.
    Burrows deep (6-7 meters) in banks, thus contributing to the destabilization of these. The coypu is recognizable by its red orange incisors.
    In France it is considered harmful, from the damage it causes to banks and cultures, but also by the destruction of nesting waterfowl.

    Footprint Coypu :

    Footprint Coypu