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    Common Snipe

    Scientific name : Gallinago gallinago

    Family : Scolopacidae

    Leng. 26 to 29 cm, Wing. 40 to 46 cm

    The Common Snipe is a wader. It has the plumage of the upper parts striped and spotted with light and dark brown. The underparts are white with black stripes on the sides. The chest is chamois, mottled with brown. The tail is tawny, finely barred with black. The wings are long and pointed. The head has stripes net.
    Snipe lives and breeds in moist grassy areas on the banks of freshwater marshes and ponds in the flooded meadows, fields. It is sometimes found near the salt marshes.
    Snipe feeds mainly on small prey animals that are captured by probing the mud. It feeds in shallow muddy waters, the shores of lakes and ponds near the vegetation cover of the shore.
    During courtship, the male makes circles up and then he dives spectacular. The zigzag flight of the male, for delineating the territory, produce an audible sound due to vibration of the tail.
    The nest of the snipe is a depression in the ground, cup-shaped, on short in tufts of grass and low vegetation. The nest is made of fine grasses, moss, dead leaves, and lined with soft plant purposes, it is well hidden in vegetation drooping. The female lays 3-5 eggs stained tan or greenish tan color. Incubation lasts about 18 to 20 days, by female. The young are precocial, they are raised by both parents during the first weeks.