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    Western Cattle Egret

    Scientific name : Bubulcus ibis
    Family : Ardéidés
    L de 46 à 56 cm, E de 88 à 96 cm

    This small white heron gets its name because it is readily holds near the cattle, which he takes advantage of the presence of insects feeding frightened. It is recognized by its rather stocky figure, with its beak rather short and the net bulging with feathers in it. During the nesting period, the white plumage of the adult is enhanced by a tan-orange color support at the crown, breast and mantle. Earlier this season, the beak, lores and iris change from yellow to red, the legs of dark greenish to dull red to yellow.
    It is a wading bird often living near freshwater but unlike other herons, the Cattle Egret is not tied exclusively to the aquatic environment. He also frequents dry meadows and cultures, and it is found frequently among the Camargue bulls.
    It nests in small trees in colonies that can gather thousands of Western Cattle Egrets, each nest is protected by one parent, while the other searches for food.