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    Landscapes of Camargue

    The traditional hut Camarguaise :
    It is built of mud, with a roof of reeds. It is designed to withstand the Mistral wind violating of the region, with its rounded apse, often surmounted by a cross and turned to the wind.
    Small openings, and white allow it to withstand the high heat of summer.
    These huts were once used by shepherds and herdsmen. It was often at his side a large scale in the form of white matte (the escalassoun), which allowed the guard to watch his flock.

    The cross of Camargue :
    This cross was created in 1924 on the initiative of Marquis Folco de Baroncelli, who asked the artist Hermann Paul to create it. The cross symbols associated with the people Camargue, herdsmen and fishermen, and symbolizes the three basic virtues:

    • Faith symbolized by the cross.
    • Hope, symbolized by the anchor.
    • Charity, symbolized by the heart.