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    Black winged Stilt

    Scientific name : Himantopus himantopus

    Family : Recurvirostridae

    Leng. 35 to 40 cm, Wing. 67 to 83 cm

    The Black-winged Stilt lives mainly near the freshwater marshes and salt and mudflats, flooded fields and rice paddies. In the Camargue, it is found lying near the shallow water, usually salt in open areas.
    This small wading bird belonging to the group of shorebirds is recognizable in its beak thin, straight, white body plumage, black wings, red legs very long, which clearly exceed the tail in flight. Both sexes are almost similar but the female is brownish, while the male is black.
    It nests usually on small islands, nesting occurs from the months of April-June The nest is a hollow in the mud or sand, is lined with grass or leaves. 3-4 eggs are laid in a clutch.
    It feeds on aquatic insects, worms, tadpoles, larvae, and other small crustaceans and molluscs. Her long pink legs allow the Stilt wading in deep water, while collecting his food on the surface. However, it can plunge the head under water in search of food.