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    The Mercantour National Park spans two departments of the Southern Alps. Its coverage area includes seven valleys :

    • the Roya
    • the Bevera
    • the Vesubie
    • the Tinée
    • the haut Var
    • the haut Verdon
    • the Ubaye

    Various climatic influences: Mediterranean, Ligurian Alps and Provence, and the existence of peaks marked elevation near the sea are the source of a remarkable diversity of natural environments.

    The Mercantour National Park contains the Valley of Wonders. This valley is famous for its rock carvings. Nearly 36,000 prints are revealed in the open air in this beautiful valley, a place of memory, which leads us to the origins of humanity.

    Mount Bego 2872 meters above sea level, overlooking the Valley of Wonders has mineral characteristics that make lightning storms and particularly violent.
    The top of Gélas is a summit in the Alps in the Mercantour Park. The summit straddles the Alpes-Maritimes in France and the Piedmont in Italy. The first was conducted in 1864 by Count Paolo di Saint-Robert. It is the culmination of the Mercantour National Park, but also the department of Alpes-Maritimes.

    This series of photos was done in argentic.