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    Located in the Pyrenees, Gavarnie is a small mountain village located about 1400 m above sea level. The Gave de Pau here named Gave de Gavarnie has its source in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park. This is the Grand Cascade of its 422m high.

    In 1997, the Mont-Perdu which includes the Circus of Gavarnie has been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO twice as natural and cultural landscape.

    The breach of Roland is a huge natural fault of 40 m wide and 100 m high opening located in the cliffs above the Gavarnie. Located at an altitude of 2804 m, it is the border between France and Spain. According to legend this breach was made ​​by Roland (Charlemagne's nephew) who has broken his sword "Durandal".

    This series of photos was done in argentic.