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    Aubrac is a French volcanic and granitic plateau located in the center-south of the Massif Central and on the borders of the three departments of Aveyron, Cantal and Lozère. It has similarities with the Cézallier and can be attached like him to the highlands of Auvergne. It is bordered on the north-west by the mountains of Cantal, on the east by the Margeride and on the south by the limestone plateaus of the Grands Causses.
    The climate on the Aubrac is rough and the plateau is often very snowy in winter. It can snow in altitude from October to May and it can freeze at night almost every month of the year. The wind encounters no obstacle on the plateau and sweeps the snow, forming sometimes huge snowdrifts that can remain late in the season (until May-June).
    The prevailing wind is that of west but the south wind sometimes brings fog and bad weather also on the south of the Aubrac (in particular during the Cevennes episodes). Summers can be hot but they are often stormy.
    The vast expanses cleared of pastures and hay meadows are covered with grasses, legumes and floristic processions favorable to insects (Orthoptera and Lepidoptera in particular), and in the summer season they are home to breeding birds that are subservient to herbaceous environments : Whinchat, Eurasian Skylark, Common Quail, Buff-bellied Pipit, Northern Wheatear, in favor at boulders or low walls.