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    The Aspe valley is one of the three valleys of the High-Béarn with Ossau valleys to the east and west Barétous in the heart of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques. The Aspe valley is close to Spain and the Basque Country, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.
    Aspe valley is one of the paths of St Jacques de Compostela (the way of Arles), a pastoral valley with its ancient traditions and transhumance, a valley where the skiing is in the spotlight with his Somport station, famous for its cheese. It has kept a pretty wild character. This is one of the last region of the Pyrenees and there are still bears. The high Aspe Valley houses some of the Pyrenees National Park.

    Some photos of this gallery were taken in the circus Lescun, which is studded with magnificent peaks:

    • Ansabère needles.
    • Pic d'Anie.
    • Table of the Three Kings.

    The small village of Lescun located in this circus is about 870m above sea level.